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EBDUG 2.1 - Get Empowered by Kalabox, Site Audit, and More

Feb 26 2014, 6:30pm to 8:30pm PST
CA, Oakland, 94607, Tech Liminal

The adult supervision is out of town, so KALAMUNA is taking over this month's EBDUG!

We're bringing the party to the East Bay: speakers, beverages, snacks, and good times.

The first session will showcase how easy it is to get a Drupal site up and running with Kalabox. It will appeal to hardcore developers who need an awesome and customizable native linux local development stack to supercharge their development workflow, but also to new users who just want to get started working with Drupal without all the annoying setup.

Secondly, nobody likes a slow site, and Drupal can be notoriously sluggish if you're not careful. With the right configuration and platform, any site can be blazingly fast - but where to start? Enter site_audit, a collection of drush commands for statically analyzing Drupal 7 sites for best practices and optimal configuration. Join author Jon Peck for a short demonstration of how you can use site_audit to optimize your site.

We're pushing for even more informative talks this week, so stay tuned for speaker announcements. There will be something for everyone!