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EBDUG #4 - Standardization Can Change Your Life by Mac Clemmens

May 29 2013, 6:30pm to 8:30pm PDT

Mac Clemmens

Or, How to Make Money Building Sites with Drupal. And Keep Your Hair. And Your Clients.

Drupal is infinitely flexible ... which leads to a tendency to build custom solutions every time a client approaches you with their thoughts on website development. Which leads to headaches caused by updates, upgrades, training the client, etc. But what if you could give them - all of them! - one solution that exceeded their needs and is easy to maintain and upgrade, using a process that is easy to replicate project after project?

Join us as we explore a different way of "doing Drupal." We'll touch on everything from standardizing the process to standardizing your content type. (That's not a typo, we really *do* use just one content type!)